Rosie Mansfield is a TV presenter (IMDb) originally from Cornwall UK, now regularly hosting in Sydney and Melbourne Australia. She rose to fame as the Good Chef on Channel 10's long-running and popular tv show Good Chef Bad Chef alongside Adrian Richardson. She is a professionally trained nutritionist, who also founded the world's first on-demand nutrition advice website Mansfield Nutrition. Rosie's signature sense of humour, passion for education and zest for life makes her enthusiasm utterly contagious. She has a unique ability to connect with every generation in a wildly entertaining manner. 


Rosie's production passions lie within comedy, documentary and current affairs. Growing up in 90's coastal Britain she fell in love with broadcast media due to stand out shows like The Big Breakfast, Blue Peter and Smack the Pony. Neighbours was another ritual favourite and may have influenced that gap year that accidentally turned into a decade long love affair with Down Under. Every so often you meet a talent who is simply made to present and its obvious that Rosie's passion to help create quality programs is stronger than ever in 2020, writing innovative treatments for the changing broadcast landscape to modern on-demand streaming.


Throughout the year Rosie splits her time between Australia and UK. She resides in her adopted home on Sydney's Northern Beaches, where you can find her on her down time longboarding, practising vedic meditation or simply sipping on a full-bodied vin rouge. Please get in touch if you would like to share a glass of wine with her and talk about making a new and exciting tv show together! Contact