Current Location: Cornwall (Updated Regularly)

Channels, Programs & Businesses can now hire a lightning fast 'Predator' (Presenter-Producer) to produce a visual local story professionally told and ready for deadlined press requests.

I am a factual entertainment television writer. I love unscripted television, there I said it! I conceptualise addictive television concepts that will flourish into high quality and popular television, I’m talking a show you could binge every single day. Many years as a working television presenter I started to notice production companies trying to come up with new and exciting tv series but were not actually watching any trending television themselves, heck some of them didn’t even own a television! My passion lies in factual entertainment, real lives and real people, because as long as we continue to be fascinated with the human condition, we will always have an appetite for this style of entertainment. Another love is escapism documentary-style programming, which coincidentally is becoming very popular as allows viewers experience lives and worlds they would otherwise never know or see in their own reality, it is this fascination that pulls them into these programs. I like to think of myself as a futurist, that’s why I come with video pitches as well as paper. I make videos to give you real life substance, as most creatives see the world in this way, it just makes sense. Casting wise it’s also a much easier way to get the big stars to say “yes” and go to the networks with a few already on board. I am always looking to team up with established production companies who will take care of the concept and creator. I am always open to working on the production as an associate producer, but tend to leave the exciting new show with the professionals and be available to workshop ideas if required. Why? Well, I simply love to write. When working directly with television networks I understand that being paired with particular third-party production companies is important to you and I am always open to this. I come with well-formed relationships with UK and Australian celebrity bookers, production companies, broadcast networks and entertainment lawyers if required.